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116 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Willow Brugh 116 days ago
This page is mostly static - more detail being filled in, objectives, etc should be added to the 

28 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Willow Brugh, Justine Mackinnon 28 days ago
Willow BActivation Protocol
  • Workflow
Request comes in
via email to dhnactivations@googlegroups.com or via the google form found at page [[link]]
Determining Activation - Plan or No-Go
That form updates the coordinators
proposed shift: just post directly to full group
First person who gets the post puts it into the Loomio
Discussion and voting around activation plan. Deadline to Decide: x hours
Can ask the requestor questions. Currently happens via coordinators, but it could just as easily pull them into the Loomio.
Responding to the Requestor
Update the person making the request with the plan or the statement of non-activation. How?
Justine MFollow the plan. Track... how? (From the process work that will have been done)
Willow BCompletion
Do we declare things complete via Loomio again?
  • Activation Requirements
What do we activate for?
Humanitarian Issues?
Justine MFor third parties only? Do they have to be an organization, recognised group of responders or a different entity?
(Gather every members activation criteria doc, for an example some may activate for conflict some may not. Be good to have this as a template for a start)
40 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Nicole Rodgers 40 days ago
Nicole RSBTF Core Team Test Page
We can type and collaborate together. 
In real time.  
We can even make lists:
  • Lists about lists
  • To-do lists
  • Lists of people to talk to 
  • Important upcoming events
  • Or just random ideas to have down in writing to come back to at a late date and time
40 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Nicole Rodgers 40 days ago
Nicole RSBTF Online Presence Revamped To-Do
  • Article Titles/Ideas Hackpad
  • Article Titles/Ideas GDoc
  • Article Titles/Ideas Individual docs
  • SBTF Encyclopedia GDoc
  • SBTF OP Moderator Stats/Tracking 
  • Check present add-ons
  • Revamp to personal specs
  • Check back-up docs 
  • Edit present positions pages (requires okay from Jus & Per) 
  • Edit Core Team page ( requires okay from Jus & Per )
  • Add visitor tracker
  • Add Google Green-light add-on
  • Find Add-on for automatic thank you for subscribing
  • Create an auto-thank you for subscribing ( make it funny, and to the point ) 
  • LONG TERM: Look at templates that fit our capacity 
  • Find out where we are stored for a back-up to do changes
  • Re-do Communications Audit
  • Find out who has access to the SBTF GoogleGroup account
  • Contact them to get access to the account
  • Once access granted, check over old posts
  • Cross-check with Google Analytics to see what was popular, when, and why
  • Find out who has access to the G Analytics
  • Get access to SBTF Google Analytics for:
  • Ning
  • Blog
  • Google Groups
  • Find out who has access to our Data Institute account
  • Log-in ASAP so our present account does not get deleted 
40 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ndetto Mbalu 40 days ago
Ndetto Mndettovickspace@gmail.com
59 days ago
74 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Rebecca Petras 74 days ago
I have gone ahead and submitted a simple draft of above.
Rebecca PNot sure if anyone is following this - but I did submit BELOW via email and I received a response that they are considering it and we can submit more before this weekend (8/9 Feb). Here is the response:
Dear Rebecca, 
Thank you for submitting an abstract to the Humanitarian Innovation Conference 2014. If you would like to submit more information please feel free to do so until this weekend, 8-9 February. 
We have received a good number of applications and we are now looking through all the emails received. Apologies that we have not replied to you earlier but please do submit your extended version of the abstract.
Kind regards,
  • Draft
Type of presentation: We are recommending a panel discussion.
Participants: Panelists will be from DHN members. These will most likely include Translators without Borders, Humanity Road, Crisis Commons and Standby Task Force
Topic: Collaborative Innovation in Humanitarian Response. We will focus on how these disparate V&TCs work together during an activation, using easy-to-obtain yet critically important, technology tools to collaborate and provide real value back to the formal humanitarian organizations. We will draw upon real-time experiences, but also research that explores what works and what does not. One very important paper that will inform the panel is:  Collaborative Innovation in Humanitarian Affairs - Organization and Governance in the Era of Digital Humanitarianism  
Additionally, we will focus on two case studies, especially Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines and possibly the Northern Indian earthquake response.
102 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Cat Graham 102 days ago
Cat GCANCELLED - not taking place
DC Event for Yolanda After Action
logistics : conference call open to all yet internal, with external organization to provide external feedback and point of view. Bring in an end user from the Philippines. Feb 20 2014
CANCELLED - not taking place
Members (66)
Shyamala Ramesh Gary Shapiro Ndetto Mbalu Brendan O'Hanrahan k8chapman@gmail.com Renee Black Ndetto Mbalu NDETTO MBALU Brendan O'Hanrahan Per Aarvik Dima Ofman Ndetto Mbalu chris@humanityroad.org pascal@crisiscommons.org giscorps-cc@googlegroups.com mark@urban.csuohio.edu aibaugh@edats.com d_haley@telusplanet.net dwlitke@comcast.net shoreh.elhami@gmail.com

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